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Hello world! | September 11, 2009

Hello World,

Yes I suppose this is probably the right way of introducing this blog. So welcome to all of you that may hopefully find some snippets of information that interest you, regarding all things Tower Hamlets. This blog will probably come across as accusatory towards the council at first, as to be honest, i think that this council has become lax, morally corrupt, and financially unstable. It seems to be selling off all of its assests to the lowest bidder, and at the cost of its own residents, is doing nothing in the way of really trying to make a difference in peoples lives.

In the spirit (hopefully, i can do the name justice) of George Lansbury (1859 – 1940) and some of Tower Hamlets History that revolves around this great man, I hope to provide some counterpoint to the highly propagandized ‘East End Life’ (100% funded by the council) and also the local “East London Advertiser” that IMO is lacking somewhat in its duty to the residents of Tower Hamlets in reporting on the scandolous nature of some parts of the council.

Please try and bear with me in my meanderings, as at times i know myself can become incoherent, and tend to go off on a tangent. I will try and provide as much information as possible to readers, and welcome all comments from residents or otherwise. This will not be a party political blog in anyway, as I have also an inherent distrust of all sides of the political spectrum. I will also try my hardest not to just report the bad side of things in the borough, but as again IMO things are really in such a state, then it will be hard not to. I will place all news reports regarding goings on in Tower Hamlets in the blog for readers to comment on. I will also place all news reports from outside sources that i think affect all residents of the country as well as Tower Hamlets. I will also hopefully use my meandering, incoherent thought process up for anyone to comment on, so please if my writing offends, structurally, prosaically or in any other manner, I apologise. Please feel free to point out mistakes you see in my writing, as this will hopefully enhance the nature of the blog. I urge all readers to offer up stories, links etc that they also find themselves, scour the councils websites, inundate the council with “Freedom Of Information” requests, write to you local councillors or MP.

Hopefully this will become something that can be used as a starting point for us all to see real change in the way our supposed betters behave.

Yours Sincerley


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