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Some interesting links for obtaining information……….. | September 11, 2009

Just thought i’d place some links that can help others here who are interested in finding snippets of information regarding local matters, or otherwise:

Contact details for all Tower Hamlets Councillors, includes email addresses, telephone numbers, surgery times, and declaration of members interests:

The next links are for those interested in placing “Freedom Of Information” requests. In the interests of openess and also to aid others in your own FOI requests, i would urge you to use the excellent resource provided by the site “” and to make things even easier heres the direct link to their “Tower Hamlets Council Page”.

You’ll notice that on the last link their are a number of requests already made by other members of that site, these can be read freely by anyone. You can also as a member offer help in the way of annotations to each request to help others. By law the minimum requirement to make an FOI request is the inclusion of a name and email, this leaves those of you who like like some semblance of anonimity to place these requests. I urge all to join the site (name, password and email are the only requirements) and start your own investigations.  Please try and place all links to FOI requests in your comments on this site, as one way of refusing a request is simply the ‘Public Interest Test’, basically if its not in the public interest they wont publish the information. Hopefully this site could become a resource for highlighting these types of refusals, and campaign for change.

For those of you are really interested and have the time heres the “Council & democracy page” from the councils own website. This provides some links to budgetary reports, and other information that you may find useful.

Another site provided by the same team (MySociety) who provide the above “WhatDoTheyKnow” is the “WriteToThem”. This site is for all of us who want to easily contact our local Councillors, MP, MEPs, MSPs, orNorthern Ireland, Welsh and London AMs for free. This is good for creating campaigns by writing to all of these people, and garnering responses, collating the results and embarrasing the feck out of them until they do something about our greivances. Beware though when creating campaigns as some can easily be refused, here are some simple yet extremely important guidlines from that site:

Finally a site i stumbled across this site recently and it seems to me to have the potential to become a great resource, and gathering place for help, advice and guidance to all you budding investigative journalists or otherwise who seek help in investigating any matter. You place an idea or project that you want help investigating and others provide help and insight in how to progress in carrying out your particular investigation. At this point the site is still in the Beta Stage (basically means new and not fully tested/functional etc..) but dont let that put you off. Join up, waiting for confirmation which may take a couple of days and start investigating.

There are possibly dozens, if not hundreds of other useful sites that can help in extracting information, so please if you know of any place them here, so we can help each other.

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