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Exclusive Evidence regarding Lutfur Ali | May 12, 2010

One of my many colleague’s who share the same principles as I, has informed me of some information that has recently come to light.

This is exclusive news to this site, never reported before regarding our Tower Hamlets council, is that Mr Ali who resigned from the council earlier this year under a flurry of accusations, was actually working for another organisation. The fact that he was working or moonlighting is the matter under discussion.

Using the excellent public ‘Freedom Of Information’ website a request was sent to the National College and has been recieved back. Here is the FOI Request and Response from the National College which proves without a shadow of a doubt that Mr Ali was moonlighting. Infact not only was he getting paid between £450 to £900 per day for his considered opinions, but the first week of his employment at London Borough of Tower Hamlets as Assistant CEO, he worked at the National College on the Friday and Saturday of that week.

As this news has just come in, I must digest this information, before writing a better piece, and writing it up here.

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  1. […] which he clearly seems to have broken should finally highlight the need for an investigation. The evidence put forward yesterday is undeniable, directly from the National College and stored publically at the excellent FOI […]

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