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Painted Ladies | May 17, 2010

Someones going around in East London defacing the H&M adverts showing two beautiful bikini clad women standing on a beach by blacking them out with paint.

Just been called by a friend who notified me that someone seems to be going around covering up the bikini-clad women on the new H&M advert adorning a fair number of our bus tops at present.

I went to see for myself and found one vandalised at the bus-stop on the westbound side of East India Dock Road just two stops before Burdett Road. Someone has taken a roller and a can of black paint to the two ladies in the poster, and completley blotted them out.
The same apparently had occured to the same advert at the Bus Stop in Burdett road by the Post Office Depot. Workmen had been seen scraping the paint off of this one, and I saw the evidence of this myself, where the scraped off paint was still on the floor.

Vandalised H&M Advert at a Bus Stop in East India Dock Road

I wonder if these adverts were attacked for religious reasons or sexist/feminist one?………..

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