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More Painted Ladies | May 21, 2010

Travelling down Burdett road today, I noticed another bus stop advert had been vandalised. The one nearest the corner of Mile End Road, on the south-bound side, behind the old Benjys/E1 Club. I went back to take some pictures and found some men from ‘Clear Channel’, the company who operate these advertising billboards, and who, by then had cleaned of the offending black paint:

Clear Channel Guys At Mile End Bus-Stop

This actual advertisement above is for the new Bollywood movie ‘Kites’ which was only released today 21 May 2010.

I talked to the two guys from Clear Channel asking them about the recent spate of vandalism. They informed me that in this week alone they have attended at least 6 cases personally for both the H&M adverts (which I’ve already blogged about here), and this advert for the movie. They went on to tell me that they know of at least a further 8 cases this week in ‘Waltham Abbey’.

They told me that they were then going to another case around the corner in Mile End road, so I followed them to take the photos below;

Guys Scraping Of Paint from Bus Stop Advert

As I was taking the photos, a guy pulled up on a bicycle, asking about the vandalism. Informing both the ‘Clear Channel’ guys and myself that he’d seen a lot of this, and thought it was something to do with the film. After being corrected by all three of us that it seemed to be a female thing. Meaning that the Bikini Clad women and the Kite advert had both been attacked. The ‘Clear Channel’ guys offered; “it seems to be every bare bit of flesh, that seems to get painted over”.
Bicycle guy then asked; “Do you think its a muslim thing then?”
A young asian guy at the bus-stop stepped in and stated, that; “No, I’m a muslim, and I’ve not heard anything from any of the/my brothers, maybe its the feminists”

Travelling on i noticed at the next bus-stop, that again another advert for the movie ‘Kite’ had been attacked:

Ladie walking by vandalised poster of the movie 'Kites'

So after phoning H&M during the week and talking to their press team, who announced “We wouldn’t want to comment on this”. I decided to also phone ‘Clear Channel’ who told me that the had become recently aware of a recent spate of vandalised attacked on some of their adverts showing women.

My next step is to phone the promoters of the movie ‘Kites’ to see if they have anything to say.

The case continues………..

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  1. Hi,
    I have seen two H&M bikini girls ads defaced in waltham forest, who is doing it, i think we know why.

    Comment by Ian Rushton — May 26, 2010 @ 10:44 pm

  2. Alright Ian,

    This is sorta coming through now. Its no great secret, but cannot understand the thinking behind it. You never know, it could be feminists behind it though. Although everyone I talk to is thinking the same thing, Muslim and Non-Muslim alike, and believe me I talk to everyone, until they get bored and walk away. And talking to a Muslim contractor yesterday who stated as much the same thing as us, while trying to clean another advertisement. I’ll be blogging about that incident today.

    If you, or anyone else has their own photos regarding this, then upload them to the excellent and extremely easy image sharing site;

    You dont have to join, just upload and share the link provided in the top box, send them to me and if the quality is good, I’ll upload them to the site.

    BTW Ian, thanks for posting.

    Comment by fatoompsh — May 27, 2010 @ 7:49 am

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