Tower Hamlets Watch

Flour Power-ed up & ready to go | May 27, 2010

Stumbling around Stepney today I noticed these guys attacking each other with Flour;
Youths celebrating breaking up from school by a good old flour fight

Just good to see this age old tradition of getting floured up and celebrating the end of the school year is still going strong in Tower Hamlets.

Floured up students Happy and posing

Not a care in the world it seems, God i can just about remember how that feels. No worries, especially as the summers about to truly start for these guys, and gals.

I tried to talk to them but they were so excited about the end of term, and before you know it I was bombarded with eggs from their mates across the road. Good old traditional fun, unadulterated, and with not a worry in sight. Good luck in the future, if any of you are reading.

Who was it who said that “youth is wasted on the young” couldn’t have been more wrong………these guys were not wasting any of it.

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