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Leonardo De Graffiti ‘Strikes Again’ | May 27, 2010

Another H&M advert at a bus-stop, this time (yesterday morning) just across the road from ‘St Anne’s Limehouse’ on the East India Dock Road.

Clear Channel guy at East India Dock Road Bus-stop with offending grafiti

Again I managed to be there when a ‘Clear Channel’ employee (this time a muslim employee) who was attempting to scrape off the offending grafiti. After finding out from him that it was another H&M advert, I asked him if he had an opinion on who might be behind it. He replied that he thought it was

“my lot”

(I’m assuming he meant muslim by this) and he further went on to state that

“I cant understand it, I dont see the point, its not as if its in my house or anything”

and that as a muslim he

“doesn’t take any notice of the advertisement, he doesn’t look at it”

ie; he averts his eyes.

We then had a short conversation where i expressed others concerns that these type of adverts could actually be a distraction to male drivers, actually leading to accidents, which he stated;

“he hadn’t thought of that before”.

I asked him about any other attacks, and he informed me that reports were coming in

“from all over”.

He did point out though that

“they had changed their form of attack”

by changing the substance used. This was not just simple paint that could easily be scraped off. This time it appeared to be

“some sort of tar-like ‘stuff’ that was extremely difficult to just scrape off”.

He went on to show me how difficult it was. I watched his failed attempts with the scraper, which only last friday, I’d watched his colleagues so easily scrape off with the same tool.
Closer picture of the tar-like substance covering the glass
I then picked at this substance myself, and realised that he was right, it was some form of tar or even melted plastic which had hardend. He informed me that he would have to call the

“emergency guys out, who had specialist tools….they’ve even got a steamer”

So basically it seems that whoever is attacking these adverts, seems to have realised that they are being removed quite quickly, and are now changing the substance, to something they feel is much more effective, and actually harder to remove. This doesn’t seem to be the work of people who are in it for a laugh, it seems to be from a dedicated group of individuals who obviously have some serious issues with these adverts. By yesterday afternoon the offending substance had been removed and the new advert was now sparkling clean.

Ian, who commented on my last post on this “More Painted Ladies” stated that he has

“seen two H&M bikini girls ads defaced in waltham forest, who is doing it, i think we know why.”

has confirmed and in the process probably corrected my earlier report of what the ‘Clear Channel’ guys told me last Friday that there were more in Waltham Abbey. They probably meant Waltham Forest as Ian has confirmed seeing, but then again who knows, this could be everywhere, spreading like the ‘Twelve Monkees’ graffiti…..

12 Monkeys Graffiti

As this seems to be an ongoing thing, I’ve now dedicated for the time being a category ‘Painted Ladies’ on the right-hand pane –>.
Just click on it and you will see all of the post dealing with this issue.

Watch out, watch out, Leonardo’s about…………

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