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Outside Interest in Lutfur | May 27, 2010

Today I’ve noticed more coverage of what this blog revealed here first;

Private Eye Magazine reported on this “All in a Day’s Work” in their section on ‘Rotten Boroughs” pg 14 in this weeks issue. Its got ‘Fergie’ and the ‘Queen on the front cover.

Ted Jeory the former deputy editor of the East London Advertiser reported on this and actually gave praise to my meager efforts in his post ‘Moonlight Over Ali’ over at his new blog regarding Tower Hamlets – Trial By Jeory “Watching the World of East End Politics” over at

This weeks ‘Wharf’ magazine provided their piece in the form of a letter from a reader in their paper, but no online coverage. Finally the East London Advertiser put out online this; “FOI request reveals cash earnings ‘scandal’ of former top town hall manager”, but missed the mark in last weeks edition of their printed paper by only paying scant regard to what should have been a bigger piece IMO……

One good thing though is that Mr Peter Golds, Blackwall & Cubit Town Councillor who again IMO has been unjustly targeted for accusations of a witch hunt against Mr Ali, and should feel exonerated by recent events, has stated in Mr Jeorys blog that:

“This is beginning to appear a complete scandal.” He has demanded Mr Collins give an explanation.

The only thing i disagree with in the above qoute is that its not ‘beginning to appear a complete scandal’ but that it is a complete scandal already, and demand to know the truth of where the council stands on this issue. As highlighted by a previous FOI request to Tower Hamlets Council they refuse to be pushed on the questioning of Mr Ali hiding behind the Data Protection Act, when the National College relinquished this right.

Stop hiding behind the Data Protection Act when it comes to this odious little man, as residents demand to know how you’ve been spending their tax money. In the interest of fair, open democracy and full transparency which you love to state you work under, open up the books and if he’s guilty of fraud, prosecute the man.

Mr Ali when questioned on his time at the National College before he resigned and reported in Andrew Gilligans Blog at the Telegraph is quoted as saying;

“I cannot make a comment on that because I need to check out exactly what the college have said.”

The National College have spoken quite clearly now, in fact I’d say they were ‘f*&%£g’ screaming at the top of their lungs.

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