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Lutfur Ali paid more than the Prime Minister | June 1, 2010

Its come to light today that ‘Lutfur Ali’ is probably getting paid more than the Prime Minister. With the Prime Ministers pay at £142,000 and our man with the plan’s Lutfur Ali’s at £125,000 with executive benefits, probably leads this far and above the Prime Ministers. Sources within the council tell me that his bonuses and benefits package could be as much as £50,000 pounds per year. Taking his overall salary to over £175,000 pounds per year. Official sources within the council refuse to comment on this, as this for some reason is deemed personal information which they claim comes under the protection of the Data Protection Act.

Also we can take it that although he resigned over two months ago, that executive contracts make it extremely difficult for the council to actually stop paying him, so we can honestly say he is probably still getting his £10,100 pounds a months salary as pointed out by Ted Jeory on the 19th March 2010.

Council sources have repeatedly denied that there is any investigation into this man, who apparently was completly unqualified for this job, who also again apparently lied on his CV, regarding not only his qualifications but also his experience. Yet this man was given cart-blanche access to one of the largest council budgets in the country.

£10,100 per month, not bad for working 2 days per week, and now what seems like not working at all and still getting paid. How many other faceless over-paid tin-pot dictators walk the corridors of the grubbiest little council in britain?

With no official response from the council, we can only wonder at what’s going on in that place………

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