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Painted Ladies Links with Tamil Killings in Sri Lanka | June 10, 2010

Two reporters from the Evening Standard have been trying to get in contact with me regarding my blogging on the painting over of women in advertisements on Bus-stops.

Just got off of the phone with one of them, who informs me that todays edition of the Evening Standard is going to run a story regarding this vandalism. Although I’ve not noticed any other attacks recently, he told me that the Police are aware of the situation, and that so far there had been around 14 of these incidents.

He informs me that there is no proof or evidence showing a link between the attacks and religous fervour. He went on to tell me that he thought it had to do with something similar that was going on in ‘Pakistan’

Now I’m not too sure of what he means by this, but I do know of the controversy surrounding the movie ‘Kites’, hailed as the first truly big blockbuster bollywood movie.

Apparently the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) event held in Sri Lanka is being boycotted by the South Indian Film Industry. Heres a quote from the blog link above;

“They have been campaigning against the island government and the alleged killing of civilian Tamils during the conflict between Sri Lankan army and the rebel Tamil Tigers. “

Which the leading actors of the film have still attended in their quest for stardom. I watched this myself on the news the other night at the IIFA event, where one beautiful asian actress, told the camera that she feels that;

“politics shouldn’t be brought into it”

The Asian Tribune as well as a vast number of asian blog sites are highlighting the fact that screenings of the film at cinemas across the Indian Sub-continent have been stopped because of the fear of reprisals.

“This is immediate reaction to the Pro LTTE activists stopping the screening of a Hindi Film starring Hirthik Roshan in Chennai on Friday. The much-awaited Hindi film ‘‘Kites’’ was stopped following objections by Pro- LTTE and Tamil outfit ‘Nam Tamizhar’ party headed by film director Seeman and also by V.S. Kuhanathan – both from Sri Lanka. – Asian Tribune

Some are even calling for reverse boycotting of ‘Tamil’ led films.

If this is what the reporter I talked to is referring to, then I disagree. Maybe a small number may be to do with this boycott, but its not just the Kites film posters that are being painted over.

In Tower Hamlets this seems to be something far different. Anyway read todays Evening Standard, I maybe wrong but I think the reporter said they may be using a quote from my blog.

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