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Troxy Drops Islamic Conference | June 11, 2010

The Troxy in Commercial Road has finally seen the light and bowed down to public pressure and cancelled the planned Islamic Conference that was cause of so much tension.

Ted Jeory’s blog broke the news yesterday in his piece;

The art of persuasion, part 2

with a quote from Will Poole the operations mangager at the Troxy;

“We have cancelled the booking because we had signed up to the No Place For Hate campaign and we felt that some of the speakers did not fit in with that. We have lost the booking so we lose some money, but this was the right thing to do.”

Not too sure if it was actually the Troxy getting a consciounce all of a sudden or the council leaders threat yesterday to

‘review our working relationship’

with the venue.

Too back this up, the East London Advertiser also reported today that;

In a joint statement Cllr Helal Abbas and Cllr Josh Peck said: “We called for the event to be cancelled because of concerns about the reported views of some of the speakers and the divisive impact it was having on our community.

“We are delighted that the Troxy’s management have now listened and acted in a manner that supports their original commitment to the council’s ‘No Place for Hate’ campaign.”

The EDL in the face of what the Troxy obviously now have also done the right thing, as they have lost their prime focus of the march and have decided to withdraw. Now all we need is for the UAF opposers to withdraw, and we can happily go back to things as usual.

What I cannot seem to get my head around about the opposing march, as well as more competant bloggers than myself is that;
‘Unite Against Fascism’ who were to march against the EDL (English Defense League) accusing them of links to the BNP have been silent on the whole affair of the conferences apparent links to extremism. I wonder why this is?, an organisation (UAF) that sets up a counter protest to oppose another organisation (EDL) for what they view to be the EDL’s use of hateful language and divisivenes in the community, do not seem to care that the EDL protest was itself a protest regarding the apparent use of hateful and extremist views at the now cancelled event at the Troxy on the 20th June.

The organisers of the event the UK-IC still plan to go ahead on the same date, at the same time, but are at present stuck for a venue (obviously).

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  1. I am saddened and shocked that anyone can make such suggestions about moderate speakers like Bilal Philips and others. It simply stinks of scare mongering and sensationalism. It is the begining of the end of British democracy. Freedom of speach is dead, if people speak rubbish, they will be rejected by any reasonable thinking person.

    Comment by tim chambers — June 17, 2010 @ 10:23 pm

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