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EDL vs UAF: Fearmongering, Bullshit & Council Hypocrisy | June 17, 2010

Whos really stirring up racial tension in Tower Hamlets at the moment? Is it the EDL who publically declared their protest against Extremist Hate Speech at the Troxy to be cancelled, when the council pressurised the venues owners to call off the event.

Why are the Unite Against Fascism Groups, still calling a march that could inflame tensions in the East End?

What really happened on Tuesday night at the Grave Maurice pub on Whitechapel Road? Were the EDL really there?, were these people really that stupid enough to really turn up with just 20 people and start attacking pakistani stall holders in the most concentrated asian heart of the entire borough?

The Respect Party, claims in their article English Defence League fascist thugs bring violence to Tower Hamlets that they have eye-witness testimony to a racial attack (the only eye-witness testimony I can find) at the scene on Tuesday when

Dilwara Ali was getting off a bus to do some shopping in the Whitechapel market when she saw a group of white men shouting insults about “Pakis” and “We are the EDL”. Then she saw them attack the stallholder before being chased back into Whitechapel station. A number of police vans arrived and police drew batons, allowing the EDL thugs to proceed through the station and back on to a tube train.”

Just wondering if this is the same Dilwara Ali who stood as Respect Party Candidate for St Katherines Ward this year, and lost to two labour, and one conservative candidate. Now that would be an amazing coincidence wouldn’t it?

Why are there no other reports from other sources regarding this ‘Dilwara Ali’? Surely an attack of this sort, that apparently inflamed local people to surround the Grave Maurice pub that day would have been reported in the local press?

IndyMedia at 6pm on Tuesday put out an “Urgent Message” telling its readers that the EDL were in Barking earlier that day and that they;

They punched Muslims, threw eggs and pork meat at Muslims. They have now gone into Whitechapel. If you live in East London defend your Muslim friends and neighbours in case the EDL attack.

I can find no evidence of egg slinging or porkmeat, but there is evidence of an attack on muslims;

which shows men dressed in black shouting ‘EDL attacking a group of protestors at a march for Allied Forces in Barking that afternoon. These protestors are reported to have

“shouted ‘murderers, murderers, murderers’ and ‘British troops go to hell’ as members of the 1st Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment paraded down the streets of Barking, Essex.- British Muslim leaders must condemn Islamist anti-troop protests: The Telegraph 15 June 2010”

Another video of the day shows both sides getting extremely agitated;

Headlines such as “EDL to Attack Tower Hamlets 20th June! What will you do? put out by MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Committee) do nothing but inflame tensions in the borough. Even claiming that East London Mosque is to be attacked, some comments on blogs argued that text messages sent about during the day are even spreading vile filth linking the recent rapes of 2 women to the EDL.

Not that I support the EDL or anything its just that there seems to be a lot of misinformation and ignorance of the facts being spread about recently regarding the EDL. Even the Advertiser article ‘Police urge calm as anti-fascism fears rise in East End’ reported yesterday the 16th June 2010 that

Tower Hamlets deputy Police Commander Colin Morgan said in a statement that: “There are rumours of anti-Muslim activity. But there is a big difference between what is actually happening and what people say is happening.

“I would ask community leaders to do all they can to call for calm and for people not to believe rumours which have no basis in fact.”

Even our local MP Jim Fitzpatrick has concerns regarding this march and its purposes;

The Poplar & Limehouse MP is accusing the organisers of using the EDL for their own propaganda when the danger has passed.
– MP accuses anti-fascists of stirring up East End over EDL ‘threat’: East London Advertiser 16 June 2010

So did anything really happen as the Respect Party, Unite Against Fascism, and members of other organisations claim? or are certain sections of the community just stirring up racial tension, for their own political purposes?

Whats more to top it all off today our council leader Cllr Hellal Abbas who agrees that this march should be called off;

“We still believe that it would have been better not to hold an event this Sunday as it could provide a focus for those who want to come into our borough and cause unrest.”

..but then does a complete turn-around stating quite clearly that he now condones the march;

” However given recent events I will be attending the United East End demonstration to provide reassurance to residents that the council in its leadership role will do everything in its power to prevent outside elements from causing instability and unrest in Tower Hamlets. I will work with the organisers and the Police to ensure a safe and peaceful event.”

I may or may not attend myself, but either way I just hope that the march goes by without any trouble, no one gets hurt, and the event hopefully puts an end to the recent tensions.

If you really thought about the whole situation deeply, the public display of Anti-Hate campaigning by the council and the Troxy, then the announcement of the extremist preachers turning up a the Troxy, the EDL determined to protest there, the Unite Against Fascism response, the cancellation of the event through public pressure, the EDL cancelling because they didn’t see the point, the UAF still determined to march for no apparent reason, the council castigating the UAF, Fitzpatrick accusing them of stirring up tension, an apparent attack by the EDL in the heart of Whitechapel, and the council leaders, now joining the march this Sunday 20th June. You may start to think the whole thing had been planned from the start, like some elaborate game of chess…

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  1. I was actually passing through whitechapel on my way home from work and saw the police shoving the EDL supports onto a westbound district line. The police had their battons out as they shoving them onto the trains. The EDL were shouting like football holigans and were hurling abuse at other passengers on the platform. So here is my eye witness account of these EDL racists if you are not convinced!

    Yes, I agree the council is pandering to the racists when it pressures the Troxy on a peaceful conference that it maliciously labeled by EDL as extremists for its own political menouverings!

    Comment by J A — June 18, 2010 @ 12:22 pm

  2. White blokes in England shirts get mistaken for EDL members?

    Interesting how Cllr Lutfur Rahman (who is trying to get selected as the IFE, sorry I mean the Labour Party’s mayoral candidate) and his right hand man, Cllr Ohid Ahmed, happened to be on hand to calm the crowds down.

    Any chance him and his fellow travellers in Respect helped to fuel the flames?

    Comment by The Bastard son of Billericaydickie — June 18, 2010 @ 12:37 pm

  3. ^
    I dont think so mate. I’ve never seen football fans being shoved on trains with battons whatever team they support. Even when West Ham plays football fans are shouting and screaming on trains but not abusing passengers nor being pushed onto trains with police opening their battons!

    I also called a friend who was at the scene and he confirmed that these were the same EDL thugs that he saw a few minutes before outside the station.

    Not sure what your commments gotta do with IFE or Lutfur Rahman… they certainly aren’t the racist EDL!

    Comment by J A — June 18, 2010 @ 1:49 pm

  4. Amazing in this day of camera phones that there are no pictures of this.

    Comment by The Bastard son of Billericaydickie — June 23, 2010 @ 1:12 pm

  5. What race are they against again?

    Comment by craig — August 25, 2011 @ 11:45 pm

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