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Harca Door Mat Ban Update.. | July 9, 2010

Just came across this today, a summary of one the Poplar Harca Boards. This is the first I’ve seen in writing from Poplar Harca regarding this new policy;

Safe and Clear Communal Areas Policy
Andrea Baker set out details of a proposed new policy on a zero tolerance approach to any items or rubbish in communal areas, including hanging baskets and doormats. The report had been presented to JEP where it was unanimously approved.

One Board member felt uncomfortable about the scope of the policy and felt that things like doormats and hanging baskets often improved the look of a block. Officers maintained that this was necessary for health and safety reasons so that escape from a property was not impeded in any way in the event of a fire.

The Services Board agreed to implement this policy (with the exception of one Board member) but asked that the impact of the policy be reviewed in 6 months time and a report presented to a future Services Board meeting.

This document can also be found mirrored here:

This is from the Services Board Meeting on June 1st 2010, and the Board members present were;

Millicent Muganyi (Chair), Ben Wilson, Katherine
Maciejewski, Ms Rumi Manik and Mr Colin Woollard.

Now I looked everywhere for this type of information when i wrote the last post regarding this “Poplar Harca Ban Door Mats – 6 July 2010” a few days ago, and could not find any clarification anywhere. I wonder if anyone read this, and pumped out the summary of the Services Board meeting on the quick.

Regardless, my sources were right, this is now an actual policy by Harca. The wording “communal areas” means any areas outside of your property. Zero-tolerance, is what gets me. If my sources are right, could this be what gets some people evicted from their homes?

Talking to a resident in Bow just today regarding the situation, we got into quite a heated debate. At first they didn’t believe me and thought i was winding them up, but after they realised i was telling the truth, they became quite angry;

“This is ‘expletive’ outrageous, what ‘expletive’ right does ‘expletive’ Harca have to force these ‘expletive’ rules upon us?”

When I informed them that this was not Harca’s descision but your own resident representatives on the boards of Harca, they replied;

“These people ought to be ‘expletive’ ashamed of themselves, they certainly dont represent me”

Finally after I’d realised the air of anger had started to draw more attention, i left my new angry friend to tell his own pals. As I was walking away, my ear was cheerfully drawn back them, hearing that well-worn East End catch-phrase trail away;

“Who the ‘expletive’ do they think they are?”

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  1. i suffer with mental health issus and a poplar harca tennat and are being made homeless by steve stride because of gossips neighbours i am on facebook tel no 02030699996 i am a member of mind open house my bedsit attacked by mussilim youths homophobic attacks on me by black and white youths tennats of poplar harca since 2008 they pee up my door through my letter box use stair well as a toilet and drink and sex drugs den needles found police took no action yet i am being put on the street for havinga mental health illness on the anti-social behaviour housing act for stand up for my human rights not to be abused or bullid by poplar harca black and white enforcement team

    Comment by paul sherman — February 20, 2012 @ 1:57 pm

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