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Poplar Harca call Closed Meetings for Lansbury West Estate Board | August 5, 2010

Residents of the Lansbury West Estate are up in arms this week, as their chosen respresentatives of the Board are barred from attending next weeks “Ordinary General Meeting”.

At least 11 members of the board who refused to sign the new constitution without being allowed to discuss the changes, are being disallowed from attending their own board meeting. They’ve told me that Harca have called a closed meeting of the Estate Board, (something that only members have the constitutional authority to do) and that it will not be at the Hind Grove Community Hall, where it has always been held. The closed meeting which Harca claim even residents cannot attend will be held at Poplar Harca’s main offices at 167a East India Dock Road

Sources within Poplar Harca have told me that its being held within the main offices because Poplar Harca’s Residents Engagement Team, can secure who can and cannot enter the building. Also that with the new Chrisp Street Market Dispersal Zone set up to deal with Anti-Social Behaviour. Poplar Harca believe they can use these new powers to dissaude any people who turn up to attend the meeting who are not invited company members, and also crush any dissenting activity, such as protestations, picketing or balloting.

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  1. I know we live in a country where freedom of speech is celebrated but it¹s a real shame your using this blog to write completely inaccurate and highly misleading information.

    I am a resident of Poplar HARCA and the Vice Chair of the Joint Estate Panel and I want to set the record straight about the constitutional changes.

    These weren’t just dreamt up by Poplar HARCA, they were developed by the residents after a lot of consultation and agreed by the Joint Estate Panel unanimously which is a group that is made up from representatives from all the estate boards in Poplar. Residents worked very hard on this and it is an insult to me and the other residents to say that our proposals are a breach of your constitutional rights.

    I don’t know what is going on at Lansbury West and I’m sure not everyone agrees with everything, but these changes were voted on

    fairly at the meeting, including by the representatives from Lansbury West.

    To see our ideas being misrepresented in this way is very upsetting.

    I’m not sure who is putting this stuff out, but I am prepared to say who I am and meet with you. Are you prepared to do the same?

    Debbie Cordrey


    Comment by Debbie Cordrey — August 10, 2010 @ 5:24 pm

    • I’m sorry to have upset you in this way, but instead of the accusations of inaccuracies and misleading information, could you please be more specific, and I will change these inaccuracies?

      I will also copy and paste your response onto its own page, as I feel agrieved at your accusations of misleading the public, that I would like this to be front page news.

      I will also over the next few hours try and obtain copies of these constitutions and ask you questions directly regarding the changes. I do not see the need to personally meet, and to be honest as you already have basically shown your dislike and mistrust of me, then why would you want to meet someone as abhorrent as me. Surely someone who misrepresents the truth (as you have pointed out) is the complet antithesis for all you believe in, so again why would someone with such high standing within the community want to meet someone like myself?

      Comment by fatoompsh — August 11, 2010 @ 12:38 pm

  2. […] comment was recieved in response to this post: “Poplar Harca call Closed Meetings for Lansbury West Estate Board: August 5, 2010″. That meeting by the way was called off at the last minute. Sources tell me that members who were […]

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