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Respect finally admit to backing Lutfur for Mayor all along | September 16, 2010

Why did it take the Respect Party this long to admit to backing Lutfur Rahman for the position of Mayor, when i personally heard George Galloway state this at the supposed Anti-Fascist rally in June of this year.

Lutfur & Galloway at Rally

Read about it here on Mr Jeory’s Blog: Respect statements on Mayor

Here at the Advertiser: Respect back Labour candidate Lutfur Rahman in Tower Hamlets mayoral election

and here is Andrew Gilligans take: Lutfur Rahman: yet more backers he really shouldn’t want

Heres again is my own recollection of the Rally earlier in the year, where Mr Galloway made his statement backing Lutfur Rahmans bid for Mayor. Why was it that no-one believed me then, some even laughing at my stating that Lutfur was even considering going for Mayor. IMO this signifies the real death of the Labour Party in this borough, a party that I’ve been almost conditioned to support from an early age, seems now to be imploding on itself locally. How they could not keep this scum-bag out of local politics, I’ll never know, and by finally announcing they will back Lutfurs bid for Mayor, their former political enemy, the Respect Party has finally lost it.

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  1. Even if the Labour Party somehow expels Lutfur I bet he would now run as an independent or as Respect and stand a good chance of winning in an average turn out and with LBTH administering the local election count he will stand an even better chance…

    What we need now is the Tory candidate (Neil King) to help us all out. We need him to withdraw and invite his supporters to back John Griffiths (the Lib Dem). This constituency is never going to elect a Tory. But it will elect a Liberal and has done in the past. Neil King was always reluctant to do this, so now he can do something worthy.

    There is now a pact between Respect and “Labour”.


    Comment by Worried if my name is published I will suffer for it — September 18, 2010 @ 12:07 am

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