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Lutfur Rahman dropped from Mayors race due to Police Investigation | September 21, 2010

Just a quick note, as I haven’t the time. As the title suggests due to a police investigation into Lutfur Rahman it seems that hes been booted out of the party, and therefore the race for mayor.


As Ted Jeory pointed out Harry’s Place seems to have broke the news first;

Lutfur Rahman Suspended From The Labour Party

Heres Teds piece; Lutfur Rahman: Abbas wields the knife

The Advertiser’s : Labour drops its front-runner in East End mayor battle and their piece on Helal Abbas’s selection;
Supporters of ousted Tower Hamlets mayoral candidate mobilise online campaign

check out Andrew Gilligans blog over at the Telegraph;

and finally Dave Hils blog over at the Guardian;

Tower Hamlets: Lutfur Rahman removed as Labour mayoral candidate

I’m sure there are many others but I think you get the jist, I think this deserves a good old east end knees up, maybe even street parties………..hurrah


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  1. A major point that everyone seems to have missed out is that if there was membership irregularities for which reason Abbas has now been imposed (which there was as everyone knew about those irregularities as THH has been in special measures for the last 10 years), all the candidates participated in this process knowing that and the Labour Party facilitated it, they have to accept the result as they entered that election knowing the flaws.

    As mentioned TH labour party has been in special measures for 10+ years due to its membership issues and for the last 3 local elections they imposed all the candidates from London Labour Party. Labour NEC knew this about the membership, thus they should let the results stand.

    If they don’t then it clearly shows that the NEC are acting as dictators who didn’t get the result that they wanted and are now using the membership flaws as a way of imposing their choice of candidate.

    All of this makes a mockery of the democracy that we seem so proud of that we kill thousands of innocents across the world so we can export this democracy to them.

    No new information has come out for them to take the action that they have and effectively dismiss the election result and impose a candidate.

    Comment by Taj Miah — September 22, 2010 @ 12:03 am

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