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Poplar Harca Estate Cleaners & London Living Wage public meeting | October 5, 2010

Tommorow evening (Wednesday 6th October 2010) at St Mary’s & St Michaels Church in Commercial Road on the corner of Lukin Street at 7pm (see Google Maps Street View), Poplar Harca Estate Cleaners (see last post)sources inform me that they have been summoned to a meeting with the the Chief Executive Steve Stride (Stephen Edwin Arthur Stride) of Poplar Harca. Apparently they are to be given an update on their request for recognition of their work by bringing their wages up to the minimum London Living Wage level.

I’ve called the church, who inform me that TELCO (The East London Community Organisation) were holding a mayoral hustings there tommorow evening at 7:30pm to allow residents of Tower Hamlets to question the prospective mayoral candidates. Asking about Poplar Harca’s meeting, the church seemed unaware of this, but told me to contact TELCO.

I contacted TELCO who told me that I was correct. Harca were holding a meeting to discuss the Cleaners wages, as part of the London Living Wage Campaign which TELCO support and that Babu Bhattacherjee – Harca’s Director of Communities and Neighbourhoods was going to address the issue and not Steve Stride. When I asked if Steve was going I was told by TELCO that he was on holiday.

So tommorow evening at St Mary’s & St Michaels Church at 7pm Wednesday 6th October 2010 Director of Communities and Neighbourhoods for Poplar Harca Babu Bhattacherjee will be addressing the Estate Cleaners directly on the issue of the London Living Wage. Sources at Poplar Harca tell me that it will be unlikely if the backdating of the payment will be going ahead, as Poplar Harca are already reaching their peak debt facility of £275 million and are already looking at ways to curb spending .

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  1. We the resident extremely concerned Resident of Gateway Housing Association is bringing in a Code of Conduct that we vote NO

    Comment by Eva Silver — October 7, 2010 @ 7:12 pm

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