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Lutfur Rahman upsets the residents of Robin Hood Gardens | December 1, 2010

Our illustrious Mayor Lutfur Rahman turned up at Poplar Mosque & Community Centre Woolmore Street E14 on the Robin Hood Gardens Estate, on Saturday, Sunday & also Monday evening for over 2 hours. This mosque which is striving for larger facilities as part of the Blackwall Reach Regeneration Project has no entrance for women and obviously as a mosque is for worshipers of Islam.

The thing is this was (residents tell me) the Mayors first and only visit to the estate which is now under threat from demolition. Apparently residents and the Tenants Association have been lobbying the mayor for a meeting with them, they say that he has cancelled two meetings with elected members, but then decides to call a meeting with the mosque committee which is closed to residents. Residents also tell me that on Sunday Night they felt a promise was made that the Mayor would answer peoples questions and allay their fears about their future when he was due to turn up on Monday Night.

On Monday Night he turned up with his deputy Ohid Ahmed, Aman Dalvi the councils Corporate Director Of Regeneration and an entourage of other people at 6pm, staying for over 2 hours. Aman Dalvi has been deeply involved with the regeneration of the estate even before he came to work for Tower Hamlets, and accompanying the mayor, residents feel this would have been the perfect opportunity to answer questions. Apparently once the meeting was over with the mosque committee, Lutfur gave a speech to the worshipers attending, letting them know that firstly he was not here really to answer questions about the regeneration but to thank those attending for voting for him in the recent Mayoral elections. When calls were made for questions to be answered about the regeneration, those advisors who were with the Mayor kept trying to block the questions, even though the Mayor seemed happy to answer, the advisors who attended with him made it difficult for those wishing to know more. Most felt frustrated at the lack of answers, and were told that they would know more in January.

No invitations were made to the wider community, and the only ones attending were the muslim male worshipers. Although this mosque doesn’t have the facilities for women to attend, muslim women on the estate are upset that the mayor doesn’t seem to want to talk to them. They also have a lot of questions regarding their future on the estate, which they now feel is being taken away from them. I’ve talked to quite a few other residents on the estate of different ethnic and faith backgrounds and all seem extremely upset that a meeting was called on their estate with the mayor and they were not invited.

All I spoke to yesterday were completly unaware that tonights meeting of the Cabinet at 5:30pm, that on Agenda item 6.2 Blackwall Reach Regeneration Procurement and Scheme Development that Aman Dalvi was going to call for Compulsory Purchase Powers to be allowed for those members of the estate who dont want to move, or fail to accept the price offered for their homes. That they were going to talk about the partner who had been selected for the estate, calling for power to put in planning permission for the estate. Residents were upset to learn that this was all going to go ahead this evening, without informing or consulting the residents, that all of the residents on the estate were unaware of these plans this evening. In fact they tell me that there have been boycotts of the process occuring on the estate as they feel that their views are not being listened to. The original members of the consultation group who have been involved for over 3 years, feel frustrated at the lack of involvement or real consultation and have callled for Independent Tenants Advisors to be brought on board to help residents engage on a more informed basis. The council has done its upmost to block these requests and has now picked new residents to get involved who are new to the 3 year process and have made them swear to secrecy by signing a confidentiallity agreement.

Now although this has been cancelled just today, why did the mayor or Aman Dalvi for that matter fail to tell those residents present at the meeting on Monday night what was going to occur tonight at full Cabinet?

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  2. The mayor and his crooks…

    Comment by Fighting4EdMiliband — December 6, 2010 @ 11:52 pm

  3. Poor Robin Hood Garden residents. We feel for you, but God help the residents if Swan Housing Association gets the contract to develop Robin Hood Gardens. Just read the shocking horror stories of how lousy Swan Housing is on other estates

    Comment by LBTH_Concerned — December 9, 2010 @ 12:25 am

  4. My friend on the estate who has only recently been involved with the procurement process backstabbed her neighbours by getting involved. I’ve told her this and got into numerous arguments with her over it.
    The tenants association on the estate seem to be trying to fight for the rights of residents, and although she can see it and agrees with them, she has been told that getting involved will mean she gets the pick of the best homes. That not getting involved means that homes will not even be repaired.

    Last night after a long conversation she can start to see that the consultant process is nothing more than a big lie. She has informed me that on the 23rd November 2010 that the resident procurement panel unanimously voted for London & Quadrant not Swan Housing. This was not taken as a vote but as advice to the judges and the 5 ladies who were involved still feel that the council will pick Swan.

    I wont name you and never would and I’m sorry for doing this, but as I told you the rest of your estate needs to know whats going on with their futures. I have other friends on the estate just as important to me as you, and withholding the truth about whats going on and who you chose doesn’t help anyone but yourself, the council, and the developers. I still count you as a true friend and like i told you last night you should be ashamed of yourself for not screaming about whats going on from the rooftops. You claim you are not a representative of residents but thats not what the consultants will say. They will use you and spit you out. Again sorry for this, if your reading, but I could no longer keep it to myself.

    Comment by Shelina — December 9, 2010 @ 9:17 am

  5. Their all crooks…just lining their own back pockets. f em all.

    Comment by f em all — July 31, 2011 @ 8:41 pm

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