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Poplar Harcas Resident Engagement Strategy Part 1. | December 18, 2010

Poplar Harca have got into the idea of blogging and have finally understood that blogging can be a fantastic tool for those of us who are internet savvy. Sources within Poplar Harca tell me that this is now officially part of their consultation doctrine, in that they can now claim to have publisiced their intentions and let you comment on them. Heres yesterdays news from Poplar Harca:

Poplar Blog
17 December 2010
We want to remind everyone that the Poplar residents’ blog is still active and wants to hear from you!

We want to remind everyone that the Poplar residents’ blog is still active and wants to hear from you! Go to to see what your neighbours are talking about.

Members of the Bromley by Bow Community Organisation (BBBCO) set up the blog to get local residents talking and interacting with one another.

Poplar Blog is a resident run blog and designed to be a community hub where you can find information on services around Poplar, share and discuss ideas as well as the opportunity to network. The site enables you to write and submit your own blogs as well as comment on what others are blogging.

Writing your own blog is not all – there’s so much more you can do

· Enter competitions
· Read the latest news and events around Poplar
· Upload your photos and videos
· Meet and make new friends
· Report it – ASB or Complaints
· Find yourself a job
· Pets corner
· Your Shout/Lead your own campaign
· Votes/polls and much more!

So get blogging

They even make your introduction to blogging about issues that effect you in Poplar, by giving you a page to ease your discomfort “Get Involved” that tells you to register. “But where for gods sake?” Unless I’m a complete durbrain and dont understand the search facilities, then where is the register button?

Using zee powers of zee interwebz I cleverly concocted zee cunningz plan, if youz type “register” into zee googlez boxes, zis will surely find zee register buttonz?


They even have a fantastic up to date snazzy twitter page that is updated every, erm…every half hour, erm day, erm week, erm year?, erm only once….Goddamitz

It seems I’ve been told that you have to apply to the Bromley By Bow Centre or Poplar Harca to apply for registration, taking your name, address, and a friendly home visit from zee gestapo before being stripped searched, anally probed, implanted, marked and branded before being allowed to blog on the site. Even then, it has to pass stringent Corporate guidance policies that basically mean you have to be an employee, or actually be recieving some kind of renumeration/charitable donations in some way from Poplar Harca and therefore follow company policy before being allowed to blog.

Hurrah for free speech……….

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  1. The very next day they changed the site to accept registrations

    Comment by Mohinder — December 23, 2010 @ 8:12 am

  2. Hi,

    This was a local project by residents and youth to gain qualifications and AQA’S in IT. And was turned into a good communication tool for letting residents know abt events and projectsand other various other information that might be helpful. This has no input by poplar harca. So if you want to get involved and write articles please let us know, we can do with an extra pair of hands.


    thank you for paying attention to our project we are happy to take on any comments 😉

    Comment by Abs — January 5, 2011 @ 2:04 pm

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