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Mayor Lutfur Rahman fails in bid to reduce friends sentence for sex-offences

March 11, 2011

I don’t know if anyone caught the East London Advertisers story on page 3 “Cabdriver molested passenger” but I think they missed a crucial point on that story.

Here is the story in full:

ELA report on Zamar Uddin
Picture of Zamar Uddin

“And before passing sentence the judge was handed testimonials on Uddin’s behalf from several Tower Hamlets councilors and the borough’s mayor Lutfur Rahman.

Judge King said they all seemed “to be in ignorance of your background and personality”.”

Now why would our scum-bag Mayor Lutfur Rahman and those un-named scumbag councilors want to try and possibly quash a conviction for Zamal Uddin a now convicted sex-offender by writing character references? This man who only the day after the assault had been arrested for driving as an unlicensed mini-cab.

Prosecutor Helen Owen had told the court: ‘The unlicensed minicab driver picked up a female who was intoxicated and then touched her breasts while she was in the cab.
‘She got out of the car and he followed her before pushing her against the wall and grabbing her under her clothes.
‘She then screamed and he ran off.’
A day after the attack on October 23 last year, brazen Uddin was caught illegally touting for fares in nearby Dalston.

You know the kind, those that kerb-crawl late at night soliciting people, leaving clubs for cheap lifts home. This is a man who apparently could not speak a word of English at his trial (even after 19 years in this country) , and yet could still pick up strangers and take directions late at night to various addresses around London.

This is the same low-life sex-offender and potential rapist, that called on his closest friends to try to use their positions as elected officials to persuade Judge Timothy King to probably drop the case against him.

It could only be someones closest friends who would have the guts to defend you when you get accused of sexually assaulting someone. People who you’d known for years, who you trusted and who trusted you, those that believed that you could never commit these type of vile acts with a sane mind. Those are the only people you could rely on if these type of accusations against you were totally baseless and without merit.

I wonder how these councilors felt after going to all that trouble of defending his character against what they probably must have felt were baseless accusations from an obvious drunk woman, when he then goes on to admit all charges.

What a bunch of fucking spineless no-good thieving dogs… sorry about the profanity but what did these idiots hope to achieve. Their elected officials for gods sake, they should have avoided this like the plague.. let me make it clear he was illegally touting for business, posing as a mini-cab driver, picking up drunk women in the middle of the night. Don’t you think he could have assaulted dozens of women? Didn’t it even occur to you Mayor? Why would you even want your name associated with him? What relationship did you have with this cock-roach that made you want to speak up for him? Please explain yourself, as their are around 10 women assaulted a month in London (remember these are the ones that report it) by fake mini-cab drivers, every month who may feel like they’ve just been spat on by yourself and your elected cronies?

I think we deserve to know who the other councilors who wrote testimonials are as some like Abdul Ullah championed a campaign set out by Mayor Boris Johnson in the borough only two years ago about the evils of unlicensed mini-cabs;

Local authorities such as Tower Hamlets in East London are getting behind the campaign. Council cabinet member Abdal Ullah said: “Getting into an unbooked cab is not worth the risk. It’s illegal and puts personal safety in jeopardy.” –

Please write to your elected officials asking if they were involved in writing these character references and ask for a copy of their testimonial on behalf of this lecherous vile little man. Name and shame the rest of these dogs who dont seem to care for anyone else but themselves and their friends no matter what their accused of. Hopefully one day we can get a few of these no-good low life dog molesterers to resign, I doubt it though, as they have no conscience. The sooner we clear the corruption out of our supposed council representatives the better..


I wonder if the scum bag Mayor and the rest of the councilors actually thought that because she was drunk that this woman probably deserved to be assaulted, and that Mr Uddin had done nothing wrong.
Would they still had written the testimonials if it had been rape instead of sexual assualt, or wouldn’t that have mattered either?

God I’d love to read those testimonials……

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