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East London Mosque responds to “Muslim Patrols” enforcing sharia in Whitechapel | January 19, 2013

Since I reported on Friday morning in the post Young Men claiming to be ‘Muslim Patrol’ intimidate pedestrians in Whitechapel, the East London Mosque immediately addressed the concerns of community in both an official statement and at Friday Prayers.

In response to these videos circulating the internet last Thursday and Friday claiming to be a ‘Muslim Patrol’ which showed young men trying to enforce sharia law and intimidating people in whitechapel for drinking and dressing in a certain way and shouting at them “this is a muslim area” and “move along” and other such tactics of intimidation, the East London Mosque has showed its wisdom in quickly condemning these people actions by releasing an official statement:

Unwelcome ‘patrols’ – 17 Jan 2013

Individuals claiming to be self-styled ‘Muslim patrols’ have been harassing members of the public on the streets of east London late at night, including outside our mosque after it has closed. They have anonymously uploaded their exploits to the internet.

These actions are utterly unacceptable and clearly designed to stoke tensions and sow discord. We wholly condemn them. The East London Mosque is committed to building co-operation and harmony between all communities in this borough. The actions of this tiny minority have no place in our faith nor on our streets.

Earlier this week we contacted the Police and the local authorities to alert them to the presence of these individuals and video. We advise anyone who has been harassed by these individuals to contact the Police.

We will monitor the situation closely and our Imams will be speaking out against such actions.

And also at Friday prayers a message addressing this ‘Muslim Patrol’ video was given and after giving a traditional islamic introduction from the 41 second mark the rest of the sermon is in English and can be viewed below:

This Friday sermon presents an Islamic response to the so called Muslim vigilantism being carried out by a minority of Muslims who claim to be implementing a ‘shari’ah patrol’ in the London borough of Tower Hamlets.

Delivered by Shaykh Shams Ad Duha

As I read on another site and I will quote it here:

“Shaykh Shams Ad Duha is basically saying that in sharia it is impermissible for a Muslim to stop a non-Muslim drinking alcohol or eating pig meat in an Islamic country, not only that but the state has the obligation to protect the rights of non-Muslims of carrying out these things because to them they are allowed. Therefore Muslims have no right imposing their views here.”

Let us all hope that the wisdom of the mosque in quickly condemning these actions and also from the words of Shaykh Shams Ad Duha, that these so-called ‘Muslim Patrols enforcing sharia’ come to a swift end and are no longer to be seen on the streets of this borough.

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