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Facebook Page “Lutfur Rahman Out of Tower Hamlets” is not associated with this blog | February 2, 2013

I’ve just recently stumbled across a slightly troubling fact regarding the Facebook page “Lutfur Rahman Out of Tower Hamlets”. I first noticed the page a year ago when they had taken the mock-up of Lutfur Rahman as Mr Burns which was created personally for my blog post: “Seperated At Birth?………”

Lutfur Rahmans mock-up as Mr. Burns

and placed it as the the pages logo image. Now although at the time I felt a slight sting for not being asked for my permission, I thought well their not a paper, not selling anything, so not subsribing to facebook I did’nt really think their was any harm. Not that, that means I subscribe to, or support the purpose of the facebook page as I do beleive in freedom of speech and each to their own.

What does trouble me is the fact that today after searching google, i stumbled upon the ‘About’ page of the site “Lutfur Rahman Out of Tower Hamlets – About” I immediatley noticed their contact info refers to this blog underneath the words ‘Contact’.

I’m just setting the record straight that the facebook page in question has no affiliation to this blog, is not owned by anyone associated with this blog and is obviously not supported by it. And if the owner ever happens to be reading this blog post, could you please remove this blogs address as your contact info for your facebook page.

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