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Muslim Patrol attack and hospitalise a man in whitechapel | March 9, 2013

I’ve just been informed that the ‘Muslim Patrol’s’ are still going on in Whitechapel. A group of friends who two weeks ago were out socialising in the whitechapel area were walking home at the end of the night, when a car pulled up. They were then confronted with a group of men who accosted them for carrying alchohol in a muslim area, they were threatened with violence, and most ran, one man was caught of guard and was hospitalized because of his injuries received in an unprovoked attack by those members of the car who claimed to be members of the ‘Muslim Patrol’.

All of this occurred weeks after at least 5 members of the ‘Muslim Patrol’ were arrested and charged with criminal offences the most serious of which ‘ABH’ or Actual Bodily Harm constitutes a physical attack on a victim that leaves an injury.

Where is our mayor in all of this, it took him over 2 weeks to respond to the last attacks, and this was only published in an obscure online article on the Tower Hamlets Council Website:

Mayor Lutfur Rahman said: “I strongly condemn these incidents. I’m proud to stand with the London Muslim Centre, Inter Faith Forum and Rainbow Hamlets against the peddlers of division and intolerance.

“I understand that several people from outside the borough have been arrested and have every confidence that the police will continue to make sure residents and visitors feel safe and welcome in Tower Hamlets.

“I am proud of the community cohesion in our borough and we know that the vast majority of residents believe that people from all backgrounds should be treated with dignity and respect.”

I’m wondering now that physical attacks are being carried out whether warning signs should now be placed across the whitechapel area warning people that the carrying of alcohol or dressing in a certain way could potentially lead to you being hospitalised from being attacked.

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