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Labour sold out the working class in Tower Hamlets | May 22, 2017

Remember this election, who truly is wrecking the lives of the working class in this borough. Labour. Sold off Council estates for a £pound a pop to housing associations, privatised the healthcare system in the borough. Started regenerations of the remaining estates causing untold damage to working class communities, by forcing people to be moved from decades old communities and moving them away from the borough.

Labour who created the monster Lutfur Rahman who funded untold nefarious organistations who took money and spent it god know where. Whilst other real organisations went broke. Sold off every public building including the first social service center in the country at Dodd Street E14 for developers to build more unwanted flats. Flats being built in the borough recieve huge subsidies from the Government, and do not feed that back into the community.

So remember at election time who is ruining this borough. Its not the tories, who will one day take over, as more and more rich are moving in, its Labour who are destroying our communities.



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