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28 Britons Illegally Held By Israeli Authorities

June 1, 2010
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The Gaza Aid flotilla of 6 ships carrying 10,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid to the beleagured people of the gaza strip who have been under virtual imprisonment for around 3 years now, was attacked in international waters in the early hours of yesterday morning. After IDF commando’s illegally stormed a ship 40 to 90 miles off of the Gaza coast clearly within international waters, and carrying automatic weapons, were then set upon by those on board in an act of defense. The commando’s then proceeded to kill anything up to 20 or more people.

Press TV’s Hassan Ghani (A Scottish Citizen) who was on board the Flotilla and was reporting from on board at the time of the attack;

“we have had several injuries here, one is critical, he has been hit in the head. We think he may die if he does not receive medical treatment immediately……we are being hit by tear gas and stun grenades. We have navy ships on either side and ahead. We are being attacked on every single side, we are in International waters…”

before being cut off, and has not been heard of since.

There were upto 28 Britons on board at the time, and as of yet there have been no confirmations from the foreign office if any of them are among the dead. Watching BBC our state-run media outlet fails to mention these 28 britons or their fate. The ships were towed to the Israeli port of Ashdod where the 700 activists were detained, some refusing to leave the ships where further clashes occured. Although Israel clearly have acted illegally in the boarding, killings and detention of the peaceful convoy, our own Government and the UN have responded with nothing but words, such as ‘deplorable’ and ‘unnacceptable’. No actions have been taken as of yet against these crimes, by our government.

We can only hope that not just our own citizens but others including a Nobel Laureate, German and Swedish MP’s , and also a holocaust survivor, are all safe, being medically and humanely treated and hopefull will be also released soon.

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