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Did Lutfur Ali really get paid £1262 per day? | May 16, 2010

Dr Kevan Collins Tower Hamlets current CEO mentioned on the Tower Hamlets Website that he would miss working with Lutfur Ali;

Statement by the Chief Executive

Assistant Chief Executive, Lutfur Ali, resigned from his post on 17 March after deciding to move on.

Chief Executive, Kevan Collins, said that he was sad to lose Mr. Ali but appreciated his decision. Dr. Collins acknowledged the significant contributions by Mr. Ali as the Assistant Chief Executive responsible for leading key parts of the Council’s business.

Mr. Ali leaves a legacy of achievements including his contribution to our level 3 in the new Comprehensive Area Assessment score, an excellent rating for the new Equalities Framework Assessment, a highly successful Tower Hamlets Together Campaign, a thriving third sector, and a policy and performance team that has helped the Council achieve a host of national awards for improving service delivery.

Dr. Collins said he would miss working with Mr. Ali, and added that Mr. Ali’s considerable contributions to the borough and the Council were widely recognised most importantly in the way in which the Council had extended and improved its understanding of the needs and aspirations of residents.

Mr. Ali joined the Council in 2008 after a distinguished career in the private and public sector.

As readers know, this blog revealed that Mr Ali probably only attended to his duties at the council for most of his tenure for only 2 days a week. Although the current CEO stated in the press release above that he would “miss working with him”, why didn’t he seem to notice his colleagues absence from his desk for 3 days a week?

It would seem that Mr Ali’s council pay-packet of £10,100 per month didn’t include timesheets, or any sort of oversight. Why did no one at the council notice he seemed to be skulking off to work at the National College for 3 days a week for anything upto £1400 per day?

If the research put forward by this blog turn out to be true that for most of his time he was only working for 2 days per week at the council, then his pay-packet per day at the council would come to around £1262 per day.

The council still hasn’t answered Ted Jeory’s question of wether taxpayers are still paying his salary, even though he has resigned.

Again this blog asks, why does there seem to be no investigation into this man, and what seems to be a huge abuse of tax-payers money?

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  1. Distgusting abuse of tax payers money yet again why do we have to pay massive wages to civil servants,I thought servants were supposed to work for there masters not rule and rob them,People like kevan collins make out they really care,these people are not in touch with reality.the british goverment is only interested in lining its own pockets,one c.e.o on more than 100k a year.there is plenty of people out there who can do these jobs for half there wages and are doing it in the private sector.The wages and perks in the public sector are totally unjust,they just rob the people who earn the money to keep this country going,we are just ants but instead of feeding one queen we have to feed tens of thousands who are the civil servants and there side kicks that have been allowed to jump on the band wagon,and as long as the tax payer and I mean the real tax payer the one that has been out there and generated the money not the ones that have leeched it off there backs put up with this it will only get bigger and more gross.Things need to change big time up the revolution thats what I say sick of being abused by this country regardless of who is in power

    Comment by andy — June 11, 2012 @ 10:02 am

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