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Councils “No Place For Hate” – Profits before Principles | June 7, 2010

Tower Hamlets Homes has employee ‘fun day’ at venue hosting controversial conference.

This mornings edition of the Councils Gleichschaltung-like progaganda rag ‘East End Life’ had this article;

TOWER HAMLETS IS NO PLACE FOR HATE (Sorry for the link to another online news site, for some reason EastEndLife doesnt publish its main articles) emblazoned across the front page, which went into a diatribe of utter tripe about how the council.s ‘No Place for Hate Campaign’ which intend’s to

“send a clear message to the small minority who try to stir-up tension in the borough that they are not welcome here.”

The article praises the efforts of the

“The Troxy – a multi purpose venue on Commercial Road in Tower Hamlets is the first commercial organisation to sign up to the No Place for Hate pledge.”

including a quote from;

Will Poole, Troxy’s Operations Manager said: “To strengthen the Troxy’s commitment to the No Place for Hate Campaign we have added additional clauses to our venue hire contracts, with specific reference to hate crime.”

The original article in this free propaganda sheet even includes a photo of one of the owners of the Troxy; Mohit Sharma, signing the pledge;
Photo of Mohit Sharma signing the pledge surrounded by from left to right; Taibah Shah, Hate crime project officer at the council; Abdal Ulla, lead councillor for community safety; Troxy director Mohit Sharma signing the pledge; deputy borough police commander Colin Morgan; Fran Jones, acting equalities manager at the council; the Rev Alan Green, chair of the interfaith forum; and Mohammed Aslam Uddin from the Council of Mosques

Tower Hamlets Homes (sources inform me) are so impressed by the newly refurbished ‘Troxy’ in Commercial road that this Wednesday 9th June, they are hiring the place and every member of Tower Hamlets Homes is to attended a ‘staff conference’ there. As this conference is for every employee, then essentially this Wednesday ‘Tower Hamlets Homes’ is being shut down providing none of its promised services, as the conference is going on from 9 to 5.

But how really commited are the first commercial signatories (The Troxy) to the councils ‘No Place for Hate’ campaign?. Ted Jeory on his blog over at ‘’ has alluded to the fact that there seems to be trouble brewing for the Troxy. His article ‘The art of persuasion’ has highlighted that on June 20th 2010 a conference is be held there that will provide a platform for speakers that some think highly controversial, even bordering on Hate-speech. The very thing that this venue and our council have signed a pledge to stop. Read Ted’s article, and the links to the ‘Harry’s Place’ blog article that he links too. Harry’s Place blog, goes itself into detail about two of the speakers; Bilal Philips and Hussein Yee.

Mr Jeory’s article also lets us know that members of the ‘English Defense League EDL’ seem set to turn up to protest. Probably at what they term ‘hate-preachers’. Going into some detail at what he seems to think could spark violence in Commercial Road on that day, Mr Jeory’s article explains that;

“As well as attracting their own hordes and, no doubt, secret squirrels from the intelligence services, there’s also likely to be another couple of groups mingling outside. One will be the thugs from the English Defence League (who are reportedly sizing up Tower Hamlets for their next demonstrations), the other from Unite Against Fascism. They don’t like each other very much and the mingling is most unlikely to be of the “How nice to meet you” variety.”

The writer of the Harry’s Place blog goes on to state that;

“It seems that none of this matters to the managers at the Troxy. If the police do not intervene, they will allow the event to go ahead. The police are not likely to act. Nor should they in this case, in my view.

So to support Ted Jeory’s call for Tower Hamlets to basically have nothing to do with the Troxy and stop any proposed conferences there paid for with public money, and the Harry’s Place blog’s view that;

People can make a difference…….in Sweden earlier this year when people protested.”

Informing us that these type of events can be cancelled through people power, or at least curtailed to weed out people who’s agenda’s may inflame a borough with such diverse and at times volatile history.

I would go further though and threaten to publicly humiliate the owners of the ‘Troxy’ into withdrawing their support for this conference, by threatening to remove their signature from the ‘No Place For Hate’ pledge in a publicized event outside the venue. With Immediate effect, Tower Hamlets Homes should cancel their own ‘Staff Day’ this Wednesday, as the controversial June 20th event could have an unforeseen backlash in bad publicity on themselves.

For all of the Hate Crimes statistics reported in this borough, which I wrote about just recently show that although the diversity of this borough is something that should be cherished and encouraged as a form of symbolism of what can occur when people of different nationalities come together, that we still have a dark underbelly to our local culture.

The need for the ‘No Place For Hate’ campaign only solidifies this problems of Hate Crime within the borough, and yet allowing venues to provide platforms for so-called ‘Hate Preachers’ at venues that the Coundil hold Anti-Hate rallies comes across as extremely hypocritical. This form of hypocrisy is the most dangerous, and could lead the borough into having to deal with some unpleasant fall-out, that endangers people’s lives. I’m sure none of those present in the photo above realised that this venue would harbour these type of events, and if what they purport to represent, then in my opinion they should remove themselves of all support for this type of segregation of communities.

The other dangers are that this ‘No Place For Hate’ campaign by the council comes across as nothing but ‘words’ and ‘signatories’ something to make the borough look good, but is nothing but empty promises. Something for people in elite circles to have their photo taken at, that supports their own self-interests, while residents in this borough are getting attacked on a daily basis.

All profiting on others misery, while our principles are sold to the highest bidder…….

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  1. Despite numerous requests, East End Life is not delivered to me.

    You’ve made a very good ‘spot’ and I think it deserves wider circulation.

    Comment by trialbyjeory — June 7, 2010 @ 7:39 pm

    • Thanks Ted,

      I know what you mean about East End Life, most people seem to get it intermittently. I’ve even had someone come to the door asking to fill out a survey on whether we recieve it regulary. Despite filling it out, it still doesn’t come every week.

      Comment by fatoompsh — June 8, 2010 @ 10:16 am

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